Bee Hive

Our Bee Cause is Your Bee Cause

So far its just me and my kid of 9. Jason (me) and Ava. Bee Cause we want to do something we want to BEE the Change we wish to see in the world.

I encourage you to do the same, whats in your yard? whats on your roof? Do you have empty lots near by you, does the school near you have land or the church? People are not bad we all want the same things and would and do make the right choices when we can. Today we are ruled over by a very old and corrupt system and the ones in control are doing everything they can to keep the control and all the global problems and pain is a symptom of their desperate attempts to control us and to keep us their serfs. TIME TO WAKE UP, to do whats right and in most cases all we have to do is drop out, get off the grid in every way we can and becoming food independent is a great place to start. Raising bee’s strengthens them and me and my community.

If you would like to help in anyway thats great drop us an email. What we would really like is beekeeping equipments you can contribute if you like donations on the side or you can buy us some too, just ask we have a huge list. AND IF YOU DO I PROMISE the food banks will have lots of good honey.

Jason & Ava 778.707.0787

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